As one of only two NATO training centres, the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) needs to constantly adapt to the ever changing requirements of the Alliance. This is why, apart from focusing on three main pillars of its mission – training for current operations, training for future operations and support to NATO warfare development – JFTC is continuously optimising its capabilities. An annual internal training is one of the tools the Centre uses to keep its members up-to-date and ready to perform their duties. This year it was held between 3 and 6 September.

Throughout the week full of lectures, workshops and exercises, JFTC personnel improved their knowledge on staff and tasking procedures as well as on security regulations. The event was especially important for newcomers who joined this summer. Interactions with the Centre’s key staff as well as sessions presenting JFTC’s mission, battle rhythm and most of all electronic working practices provided them with knowledge and skills necessary to smoothly fit into the Centre’s mission and life.

The intensive week concluded with medical training and a fire drill. The latter was supported by the Bydgoszcz Fire Department who presented evacuation techniques and showed how to deal with particular life-threatening situations.


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