Young Professionals Program

The JFTC Young Professionals Program is part of Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) broader communication strategy to promote JFTC and ACT activities and provide the nations’ best and brightest students with opportunities to participate in a dynamic NATO Command Structure Military Headquarters.

The JFTC Young Professionals Program offers current students a professional experience opportunity within the international military and civilian environment at the JFTC. While participating in the program, the young professionals will gain an understanding of how the Joint Force Training Centre supports Warfare Development, contributing to concept development and maintenance of joint doctrine and standards. To meet warfighting readiness it plans, prepares, and executes static and distributed combined/joint training in accordance with the Supreme Allied Commander Europe’s (SACEUR) requirements.

The JFTC Young Professionals Program aims to attract highly motivated candidates with disciplines in:

  1. Office of Public Affairs and Media (OPA)
  2. Office of Legal Advisor (OLA)
  3. Director of Management (DOM): (Project Management and System Engineering areas)
    • Current Operations (CuOps)
    • Protocol and Conference Support Branch (PCS)
    • Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

  4. Training Division (TD)
  5. Plans & Development Division (PDD)
    • Training Analysis & Quality Assurance Branch (TAQA Branch)
  6. Headquarters Support Division (HSD):
    • Budget & Finance Branch (BUDFIN)
    • Base Support Branch (BSB)

To provide students with the opportunity to learn from the JFTC community and get a thorough understanding and balanced view of the Organisation.

To provide the JFTC with access to the contemporary theoretical and technical knowledge represented by the students (fresh and unaffected minds and visions) that may be revealed through practical work assignments.

To expand the vision of JFTC / ACT within the local community, and member nations through the communication of the students who return to their national industry/ academia.

To increase diversity within the JFTC environment.

The NATO member nations would benefit from future graduates who have conducted their professional program in NATO during their course of studies, as their rating as future employees would be better.


The program is only open to current students.

Nationality: Application is limited to nationals of NATO member states.
Age: Candidates must be at least aged 21 and below the age of 30 to enter the program.
Qualification: Candidates must have at least two years‘ university study.
Language: Proficiency in English is essential as the working language in the JFTC is English.
Security Clearance: A valid NATO Secret Security Clearance Certificate – to be requested for candidates selected for the YPP.
Insurance: Health and Life insurance valid for the full period of the assignment.



There is no remuneration derived from Young Professionals Program. 


The period of the assignment is determined by each individual educational department (depends on the area of studies). The minimum period of the assignment is one calendar month. The assignment may not be subject to termination if this one month period has not been completed.  The maximum period of assignment will be determined by the sending educational department and normally lasts 3 months. The assignments exceeding 3 months are acceptable and beneficial for the JFTC.


No travel or removals are payable on joining or separation from the JFTC. Participants are not entitled to receive NATO travel funding or per diem. 


Interested candidates shall make themselves aware of the JFTC current COVID-19 precautionary measures.


There will be one call for applications for the 2022 Young Professionals Program, from 14 September 2021 to 15 October 2021, with start dates determined individually (in principle, in summer and autumn).

The Candidates shall submit electronically:

  • The completed Application form for the JFTC Young Professionals Program in English, with:
  • Attached English language certification from internationally recognized English testing body (e.g. TOEFL) (if already in possession of a certification).
  • Attached copy of NATO Secret security clearance (if already in possession of
  • a clearance)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational letter, indicating why you want to participate in the Program at JFTC and why you chose a specific specialty area. When explaining why you chose a specific speciality area, you are required to indicate why your particular educational background and field of study makes you especially well-suited for that specialty area(s).

Candidates are requested not to change the format of the Application form for the JFTC Young Professionals Program as this will lead to rejection of their application.

Candidates who are closely related in the first or second degree to a member of a NATO body, in particular, on the JFTC staff, are also required to include a statement to this effect, identifying their relative by name and position.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered further; and, due to the high number of applications, no follow-up correspondence will occur if the candidate fails to submit all of the required application papers (as described above).

The closing date for applications is 15 October 2021; any applications received after 24:00hrs (CET) on 15 October 2021 will, with no exceptions, be rejected as an untimely submission.

A security clearance from the candidate's national authorities is mandatory before the Programme can start. JFTC will not provide assistance to initiate the process to gain a security clearance, until after the candidate receives a conditional offer of acceptance into the JFTC Young Professionals Program. Applicants should not take any independent action to apply for a NATO secret security clearance through their national authorities.