Newcomers and Serving Staff

2024.jpgWelcome to the Joint Force Training Centre!

I am confident this will be an exciting assignment for you and your family. We have modern facilities and the latest technology to support NATO Command Structure and Force Structure exercises on tactical level. Our facilities and technology also allow us to be a leading organisation in NATO warfare development initiatives, workshops on tactical level, particularly in the arena of improving interoperability.

The JFTC staff are a great team, and the centre is situated in a great location. The JFTC team consists of around 180 professionals from 20 Alliance and Partner Nations, including military personnel, NATO civilians and Local Wage Rate Personnel. The staff draws support from a close relationship with Polish units as well as the city of Bydgoszcz and local businesses. We have built on these relationships since our establishment in 2004, as the first NATO installation in Poland, and this has resulted in our ability to deliver state of the art training to NATO forces while remaining a family-oriented institution.

This is our 13th edition of the Handbook and it provides a pre-arrival overview of information and internal procedures, especially useful for new staff members and their families. If you need more information on legal issues or in-processing, please contact JFTC Legal Office, the Host Nation Support Unit In-Processing Office, or one of the National Support Elements (French, German, US, Slovak or Greek). Please check the JFTC webpage, ‘Contacts’ tab, for phone numbers or e-mail addresses. 

We treat this Handbook as a living document, and your comments may help improve it. I will appreciate your feedback on your experience with moving to, settling in, or living in Bydgoszcz. Your assistance will help future families make the transition easier.  Please contact the Legal Office if you have any suggestions or comments.

We are happy to have you at JFTC, the premiere NATO training centre for joint tactical training and the state-of-the-art venue for warfare development experimentation and innovation. I wish you and your family all the best during your  time here in Bydgoszcz.



Major General, German Army


Morale and Welfare Activities (MWA)

The Morale and Welfare Activities (MWA) are functions that enhance the quality of life, follow good manners and do not offend common decency, promote unit integrity and contribute to the well-being of eligible individuals, which include spouses and dependants as well as military and civilian staff members. They comprise clubs, athletic, recreational and fund generating activities and facilities. The Morale and Welfare Activities serve to enhance quality of life, promote unit esprit du corps and contribute to well-being of eligible individuals.

The Morale and Welfare goals are:

  • Serve the community’s needs promptly and efficiently wherever possible within the given NATO regulations
  • Support community events on the highest priority in order to strengthen the international NATO community in Bydgoszcz
  • Maintain a professional and efficient support of the clubs and units

The Morale and Welfare supports the following events

  • JFTC Ball
  • International Day
  • Other Community events (e.g. French Beaujolais Nouveau, German Oktoberfest, Christmas-Event, etc.)
  • Host nation language training

As well as many other events through the Morale and Welfare Clubs.

NATO Spouses Club Bydgoszcz

Get to know the NATO Spouses Club Bydgoszcz

The NATO Spouses Club Bydgoszcz (NSCB) is an international fellowship of spouses to members of the JFTC, 3NSB, NCIA CSU, ACCI, and as well as spouses to the NATO International Civilians and Local Wage Rates. The Club will soon be ready to open its membership for spouses from other NATO entities located in Bydgoszcz.

The club operates in Bydgoszcz to promote friendship among members, provide a communication platform for mutual cultural exchange, organise leisure and social activities for its members and to support selected local charities. Annual membership is currently 30 PLN.

The NSCB meets once a month (except for July and August) during "Coffee Mornings". Date and location are announced to members in advance, e.g. via email. Moreover, NSCB offers monthly social activities, such as: day trips such as museum visits or factory tours, craft workshops, seminars, and many others events.

There are also special groups operating within the NSCB, e.g. Cooking Club, English Conversation, Book Club, Culture in Bydgoszcz, Kids Activities Group, and many more depending from the interest of the members.

In addition, NSCB members have the opportunity to take part in joint English lessons at a reduced price in order to ensure better communication between spouses.

Join NSCB and welcome to Bydgoszcz! To join the NATO Spouses Club or for more information, please email us at: [email protected].

JFTC Sports Club

The Joint Force Training Centre Sports Club (JFTC SC) is a welfare and recreation institution of the Joint Force Training Centre. It is an association created to give its members an opportunity to meet and to compete in sporting events and to benefit from the common understanding between the nations within the JFTC, NATO and National Units in the compound area.

All personnel of the JFTC, the JFTC SU, the 3rd NSB, the NCIA Squadron and the NSE’s are full members. Spouses and relatives can join as associate members. The JFTC SC will provide its members with sports activities of different disciplines.

Please feel free to contact us for further information by email: [email protected]