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Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski the JFTC Commander pointed out main changes and challenges during the preparation phase of the future Resolute Support training First of all we have to change our attitudes. We had to significantly change our training strategy. I will stress it again the Resolute Support is not a combat mission but it is a Train Advice and Assist mission in a combat environment. Those two things must be combined. Earlier during the ISAF mission the troops going to Afghanistan had helicopters wheeled armored vehicles or aircrafts with them. Now the advisors their experience and the knowledge we are providing them with are the main weapon system. Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 9 during the exercises created a professional training event that met current needs and challenges the Alliance faced. Execution In July 2014 the JFTC conducted the Train Advise Assist Command-North Train Advise Assist Team TAAC-N TAAT Training Event. It was not Resolute Support training in its current shape however it had been designed for soldiers who were going to serve in the first structures of the new mission. More than 100 soldiers from 12 NATO and Partnership for Peace Nations were trained in this first combined pre-deployment training. For the future members of the TAAC-N Headquarters the event was about building capable confident and cohesive staff thus creating effective new HQ. The TAATs on the other hand received a standardized preparation for their mission of training advising and assisting their Afghan counterparts and national and regional institutions. In November 2014 the Centre prepared and executed the first Resolute Support TE. Within this exercise specifically aimed at preparing soldiers for the new mission advisors and staff both from the Resolute Support Headquarters and from Train Advise Assist Command TAAC East were trained. Again in January and February 2015 close to 400 people from 27 NATO and partner nations worked hand in hand in Bydgoszcz Poland. Half of them were supporting the next Resolute Support Training Event and preparing others for the new challenges in Afghanistan and the other half were getting ready for their deployment. During his visit to the training area General Hans-Lothar Domrse the Commander of the Joint Force Command Brunssum thanked the JFTC Commander and his staff for the commitment I could not think of a better facility than this in Bydgoszcz. It is best suited for training. Im delighted to be back in Poland to be back in this wonderful training facility in Bydgoszcz. Its a great pleasure to see the progress that has been achieved here.