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MAJ Goran Pijetlovic German Army JFTC Public Affairs Officer and Spokesperson COM JFTC Ms. Radoslawa Kubiczek Polish Civilian JFTC Public Affairs Specialist Resolute Support to Resolute Support Joint Force Training Centre sets standards for new pre-deployment training 8 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 In late 2014 and early 2015 media all over the world reported on the change in NATOs engagement in Afghanistan. The ISAF combat mission came to an end and was followed by a new allied endeavor - the Resolute Support RS mission with the aim of training advising and assisting Afghan National Security Forces ANSF and other institutions on a national level. Although it was only a short message in majority of the broadcasts this change had a fundamental meaning for the Alliance and thus had a vast impact on both the soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and institutions responsible for their preparation for the mission. New task for JFTC In January 2014 the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC that formerly focused mainly on ISAF pre-deployment training was given the responsibility for preparing future members of the RS mission. This was the starting point of a planning and tailoring process of the new training so it would meet new challenges and needs of the non-combat mission in Afghanistan. The new training had to focus primarily on the functionally based train advise and assist roles assigned within Afghan ministries institutions and at the ANSF Corps level. Headquarters personnel dedicated to work in the RS HQ in Kabul as well as those working in the regional Train Advise and Assist Commands TAACs and their advisors were to receive the final part of their training before leaving for Afghanistan. However shifting the centre of gravity from preparation for a combat mission with the task of establishing a secure environment to teaching soldiers how to train advise and assist their Afghan counterparts and representatives of ministries and other institutions was a big leap into a totally new direction. Therefore JFTC specialists had to plan prepare and execute a completely new exercise. Tailoring new exercise The key element of the preparation phase was knowledge base. In the first step it was crucial to understand how internal procedures in Afghanistan worked and to find out about the main challenges that Afghan institutions ministries and ANSF faced. Focused on these teams of planners from the JFTC Training Division visited Afghanistan several times in order to get a realistic picture of the future mission. In theatre they had a chance to build up their knowledge base and interact with staff members and advisors in the HQs in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. All the information gathered plus interaction and communication laid a perfect foundation for generating a realistic and up-to-date exercise scenario for the future JFTC training audience. A combination of all these with the in-theatre Subject Matter Experts SMEs support