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Open Day for Schools at the JFTC Close to 150 students from 5 schools explored the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC on 13 May 2015. It was the first pilot Open Day for Schools organized by the JFTC and turned out to be a huge success. A meeting with Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski the JFTC Commander briefings filled with information about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization the NATO Bydgoszcz training centre and also about Polish Armed Forces missions abroad discussion with officers serving at the JFTC presentation of simulation tools used in support of training and a walk through the compound all that was offered to participants of the first Open Day for Schools at the JFTC. The event was a response to a high interest of local schools in the centres work. In the past the JFTC hosted smaller groups of students interested in the Alliance. This time it was decided to prepare a broader event gathering a bigger number of young people. On 13 May the centre was visited by representatives of Bydgoszcz International School Sokrates two Bydgoszcz junior high schools No. 17 and 32 as well as two uniform classes representing the Manager High School of Bydgoszcz and Technical College from Szubin. The success of the event was possible also thanks to the JFTC guests. The centres staff had a pleasure to meet with the youth highly interested in military topics and current global situation. Numerous questions touching upon Alliances work JFTCs activities soldiers careers and life of foreign staff in Poland laid a foundation for a vivid fruitful and very substantial discussion. National Military Representatives Explored JFTC 15 National Military Representatives NMR visited the Joint ForceTraining Centre JFTC. They were welcomed and hosted by Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski the JFTC Commander who introduced the guests to the centre and its capabilities. The visit took place on 1 June 2015. Vivid discussions and interesting in-depth questions regarding the JFTCs work and abilities filled in the NMRs stay at the Bydgoszcz NATO training centre. The visitors led by the Dean of the NMR Echelon Commodore Frank Sijtsma were exposed to the JFTCs mission structure as well as main tasks and activities. General Grabowski together with Brigadier General Laszlo Szabo the JFTC Deputy Commander Chief of Staff and division heads presented how the centres potential and exercises evolved throughout the eleven years and what its current place in the NATO training program was. The discussions focused on new challenges related to both the change of the mission in Afghanistan as well as Very High Readiness Joint Task Force and NFIU. General Grabowski underlined that not only was the JFTC fully equipped and ready to prepare future members of ongoing NATO missions for their service but also able to train national units requiring professional support. You are more than welcome to come to Bydgoszcz and train in this specialized environment. You can use your national entities however you will not find all the systems there nor all the equipment all the tools and expertise needed for a complete and professional NATO training. And this is exactly what the JFTC offers. General Grabowski stressed. The JFTC guests also had an opportunity to see the training facility and watch the demonstration of modern and sophisticated modelling and simulation tools used in support of JFTC training presented by the Training Support Division. This gave them a clear picture of the centres high level capabilities. They were also introduced to the Military Police Centre of Excellence MP COE. Colonel Grzegorz Wasielewski the MP COE Director provided the guests with information on the centres work activities and structure. 46 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015