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JFTC Staff Visits Exploseum On 6 March 2015 JFTC members visited Exploseum - the museum established in the remains of the premises of the DAG Fabrik Bromberg the centre of the military technology. It was a factory that supplied the Third Reich. The Exploseum was established under the auspices of the Leon Wyczkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz. In the past the factory in whose premises the exhibition was founded produced substances like TNT nitroglycerine or smokeless powder. It could cover approximately 20 of the Third Reichs Armys demand for explosives on the Eastern front. Currently it is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Poland. Visiting the complex of seven buildings linked with a network of narrow tunnels and passageways you can feel the spirit of the place filled with the history of 40 000 workers prisoners POWs who were forced to work in the factory. EUROCORPS Commander at the JFTC Lieutenant General Guy Buchsenschmidt the Commander of the EUROCORPS visited the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC on 4 March 2015. Together with Brigadier General Andrzej Przekwas the EUROCORPS Deputy Chief of Staff Support he met with Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski the JFTC Commander and explored the centres training capabilities. General Grabowski with his staff introduced the guests to the centres history structure mission current activities and future challenges. They also provided detailed information on JFTC work and engagements the EUROPORPS representatives were interested in. During the demonstration of the centres simulation capabilities Generals Buchsenschmidt and Przekwas had a chance to learn what tools the JFTC uses in support of training how new technologies enhance NATO training as well as how it might evolve in the future. Your institution is fully a part of an efficient and powerful NATO training process General Buchsenschmidt wrote in the JFTC memory book. 44 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015