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Christmas Event 2014 Close to 200 children gathered at the Joint Force Training Centre compound on 16 December 2014. They arrived at the JFTC to meet the Santa and filled the compound with good spirit colours joy and laughter. Together with their parents members of the JFTC the NCIA Squadron Bydgoszcz and the JFTC Support Unit they celebrated the annual Christmas Event. Altogether around 300 people from the Bydgoszcz NATO family met next to the beautiful JFTC Christmas Tree. With the sound of beautiful Christmas carols performed by the military orchestra and sang by all participants the lights on the tree were lit. The Santa Claus presented all young participants of the event with Christmas presents. The Christmas Event is one of the JFTCs most beautiful traditions. It gathers the whole JFTC family together and creates an opportunity to spend wonderful time among friends sharing wishes for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. So it was this time. 2015 New Years Reception JFTC achievements in 2014 and plans for 2015 were the main topics of the speech delivered by Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC Commander during the traditional New Years reception at the NATO training entity in Bydgoszcz. The event took place on 14 January 2015 and gathered many distinguished guests centres partners and friends. The year that we have just left behind wasinmanywaysexceptionalforourinstitution. In 2014 we celebrated 10th anniversary of establishing the JFTC and for the first time in the JFTC history the facility was visited by the President of Poland- said Genaral Grabowski. Last year was exceptional also from the point of view of the events that we organized there were 6 big events that took place at the JFTC 23 events of lower rank like conferences courses or seminars and 52 other including VIP visits. The numbers speak for themselves. During all the events we hosted more than 3000 participants. The JFTC Commander also underlined changes to NATO mission and their influence on the centres work In December 2014 after 13 years the ISAF mission came to an end. We have to remember that our training efforts were aimed mainly for the ISAF mission which was replaced by the new mission called Resolute Support. The character of the support provided for the Afghan National Security Forces will also change. General Grabowski thanked all those whose support was an integral part of the JFTC success in 2014 to include the JFTC Support Unit NATO Communications and Information Agency 3rd NATO Signal Battalion the Allied Command Counter Intelligence as well as representatives of the Host Nation Poland. We enjoy excellent cooperation with the Voivode Office Marshal Office City Hall Local Government Police Military Police Customs Office and other institutions. Thank you for all that you do to make our life easier. Many special and honoured guests were on hand to celebrate the beginning of the new year at the JFTC. The Centre enjoyed the company of Mr. ukasz Krupa a Member of Parliament Mrs. Ewa Mes the Voivode of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province Mr. Zbigniew Ostrowski the Deputy Marshal of the Kujawsko- Pomorskie Province Major General Werner Weisenburger Commander Armed Forces Office Mrs. Anna Mackiewicz the Deputy Mayor of Bydgoszcz and Brigadier General Ryszard Szczepiski the Deputy Chief of the Inspectorate for the Support of the Armed Forces and the Chief of Staff. 42 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015