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4 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 Sir last year the Joint Force Training Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary. You have been the Commander of the unit for 15 year. You took the helm of the JFTC in a very interesting time the change of mission in Afghanistan new challenges appeared. How do you asses readiness of your centre to respond to todays needs of the Alliance Did the JFTC make a good use of the past decade I will not talk about numbers statistics as we did it last year we summarized the ten years how many people participated in events conducted by the JFTC how many people we trained in which areas what training events exercises experiments courses and conferences were executed throughout that time. My assessment can in fact be based on what I have observed since I became the JFTC Commander. And I have to admit that it is a very interesting time. The ISAF combat mission in Afghanistan supported by the JFTC in terms of Headquarters and their staffs preparation came to an end. A new completely different non-combat Resolute Support RS mission was launched and its future members are also trained by the JFTC. What is more completely new challenges appear like training for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force VJTF for NATO Force Integration Units NFIU Connected Forces Initiative CFI and many others. Each of these new tasks is a test for the JFTC and its staff. This evolving situation verifies the professionalism of our centre we passed Interview with the JFTC Commander Brigadier General Grabowski JFTC Towards New Challenges