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Kamila Sierzputowska PhD Kazimierz Wielki University Poland Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 39 Together in NATO is a program related to the anniversary of Polands joining the North Atlantic Treaty that falls on 2014. It is happening under the patronage of the Minister of National Defence and not only citizens of the region participate in it but also youth from uniform classes from all over Poland Polish soldiers and representatives of other NATO armies from our region. Local government of the kujawsko- pomorskie province is the main organizer of the anniversary celebrations. The Together in NATO program was initiated during a special conference in Toru formally opened by the Region Marshall Mr. Piotr Cabecki on 12 March 2014. While opening the conference he particularly stressed the following We treat the celebrations with due respect. We are the region in which matters related to the army are and will be of importance not only because significant NATO structures and military units whose soldiers serve in stabilization missions all over the world are located but also because companies connected with the army make and important part of our economy. The conference was devoted mainly to the role of Polish soldiers in international peace keeping formations in troubled parts of the globe. Among participants of the conference there were representatives of scholarly environment LTC ret. PhD Zdzisaw Polcikiewicz Kazimierz Wielki University general Jarosaw Wierzcholski the former Commander of the Polish Army Artillery and Missile Defence Troops representatives of the fourteen veteran 15th Anniversary of Poland in NATO - Celebrations in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region Together in NATO