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20 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 many stages and phases see the graphic above to aid in the After Action Review AAR process. They can also be used for experimenting new future capabilities such as EXIS which is in the last phases of its research and development RD and Mobile OT which was tested in a recent Resolute Support RS exercise. The Advantages of using MS For EXCON Proper design of the script Success or failure of any CAX can rest in the successful prior planning of the scenarios and subsequent editing as necessary to insure that TOs are to be achieved. The use of the right tools can make that a reality. Full view of the exercise with the Opposing Forces OPFOR Keeping an accurate COP is essential to the success of any CAX. This is especially true when it comes to the Game TruthviewthatEXCONseeswiththeOPFOR. MSistheenginethatfeedsthatGameTruth. Total control and altering as necessary to insure training objectives are met EXCON can edit the scenarios as necessary in order to insure that the TOs are met MS can makes changes quickly and accurately. Proper execution of all muscle movements Important events can be planned early and meticulously in order to insure their success. Also quick and seamless edits can be made on-the-fly to minimize any deviations. Maintaining a consistent picture and control of all exercise tasking. Using the EXCON De-confliction Matrix the EXCON can be more efficient in its operation. Better computer-aided observation collections. OTs can obtain collections in a more timely accurate and efficient manner. For the TA A proper COP Maintaining an accurate pictureinsuresthattheTAisventuringwherethe EXCONwantsthemtoventureorredirectthem as necessary if they are drifting off on a tangent. It also allows the TA to maintain situational awareness and time-space-force consistency with their units and other coalition partners. Realism and consistency throughout the exercise Again making the CAX as real as possible thru the use of MS makes the training seem as realistic as if one was actually on the battlefield without any added manpower. RecentexercisesatJFTChaveutilizedliveUAV feeds from VBS into the training scenarios providing that added edge of realism for the TA to utilize and explore further. Proper Perceived Truth based on sensors An accurate Perceived Truth is essential to proper training of the TA. No cheating can be allowed. If no sensor exists in a certain area the units in that area cannot be seen pure and simple. Upcoming Events Using MS SouthEastEuropeanExerciseandTraining Network SEEETN Balkan Bridges. SEEETN-Balkan Bridges consisting of nine NATO and Partner nations builds on NATOs Connected Forces Initiative CFI in support of national linkages of JFTC with the technical capabilities of Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia FYROM Greece Montenegro Romania Serbia and Turkey. Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exploration Experimentation Examination Exercise CWIX 2015. This exercise is a North Atlantic Council NAC endorsed Military Committee directed and Consultation Command and Control C3 Board guided Bi-Strategic Command Bi-SC annual programme designed to support the continuous improvement of interoperability for the Alliance. Resolute Support RS 15-3. This exercise is to educate Individual Augmentees IAs of the TA on the mission specifics of RS in Afghanistan train the TA that will be assigned to advisor roles and lastly create conditions for team building. Citadel Bonus CIBS 2015. This Battle Staff Training BST event will train the Rapid Reaction Corps-France RRC-FR in the refinement of its Integrated Component Command Land ICC-L Command Post CP organization. Georgia 2016. Still in its planning infancy this event will allow JFTC the ability to mentor Georgia in the preparation process for hosting a non-NATO operated multinational exercise. Trident Joust 2016. This exercise is for validating NATOs upcoming Very High Readiness Joint Task Force VJTF. This is to be a brigade that will be able to deploy within 48 hours part of the NATO Response Force NRF NATOs high-readiness force comprising land air sea and Special Forces units capable of rapid deployment wherever needed. Summary MS does make a difference for better more realistic training to the TA by maintaining an accurate COP and negating the chance of a latent or worst yet blank COP. MS also insures that the EXCON is more efficient in its operation and can make quicker decisions on the direction of the exercise while using fewer personnel. MS can simulate a complex joint environment complete with air assets and can augment that environment with relative ease in order to meet the TOs of the TA. Lastly MS is able to support training with real troops working with a Headquarters in a joint environment with minimal assets to bear. Hopefully we have eliminated any perceived negative opinions of MS or in other words demystified the MS devil from your mind. MS really is a force multiplier that can improve overall training throughout NATO and is very much in keeping with the spirit of CFI. Its utility is a win-win for all those involved.