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David Dominicci US Civilian JFTC Training Support Division 18 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 Welcome to an introduction to Modelling and Simulation MS and how it assists in a NATO training and exercise event scenario. Our intent is to give you a better understanding of MS and how it improves the goal of meeting all the Training Objectives TOs for the Training Audience TA during a particular event. In other words to demystify the devil of MS from your psyche. What is MS MS is a technical capability to provide realistic conditions of field action in a synthetic way. To put it another way it is the art of using tools physical and conceptual models and computer hardware and software in order to create artificial realism in a training environment. It is an essential element to achieving the goal of Train as you Fight. It may be viewed as clich but the best training has always been when the most realism takes place to include all the uncertainties associated within the Fog of War. MS provides that realism complete with some outcomes that may be contrary to the Commanders wishes such as inadvertent blue-on-blue engagements destruction of a high-value unit etc.. What MS is Not Something to be afraid of. MS is computers and yes there are still many among us that are leery of relying on technical tools. But the bottom line is that technology has and will continue to improve the quality of life of everyone who embraces it. A compromise to training objectives. To make it clear MS is a tool to achieve the ultimate outcome of any Computer- Assisted Exercise CAX which is meeting or surpassing the assigned TOs for the TA. Every CAX is built toward the successful completion of the exercise TOs never the other way around. Extra work for unclear reasons with no reward. Yes MS is a lot of work but not on the part of the TA. A simulation center uses multiple resources in manpower and machines that they bring to bear in order to provide a realistic Common Operating Picture COP to the TA while at the same time maintaining an MS transparency to that audience. Remember all the TA should see is the COP not any of the MS that feeds that COP. Preconceived Notions about MS It is too complex and hard to understand. There are many in the military that have the opinion that MS in a CAX is too hard for a regular soldier to comprehend. That cannot be further from the truth. The fact-of-the-matter is that for the TA MS is transparent to them. Unless the TA is providing augmentees as Pucksters model operators to the Exercise Control EXCON section of the CAX there is no need to even be aware that MS is being utilized let alone having to be trained in an applicable Model. This leads us to the next notion. It will make our life too complicated. Many think that the TAs daily routines will be complicated because of MS when in fact the opposite is true. MS exists to provide a realistic COP of the Battlefield. Any Command Control expert will tell you that when the COP is kept accurately and expediently updated the decision- Modelling and Simulation in the Exercise Process How to Demystify the Devil