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Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 17 configure their virtualized systems from their locations in advance of arriving at JFTC. They did not have to bring their own hardware and instead relied on virtual infrastructure available at JFTC. This conserved the physical space saved energy reduced heat output and shipping costs of moving expensive equipment. Furthermore IaaS Infrastructure as a Service service model implemented at JFTC reached out beyond that. It is believed that on-demand infrastructure provisioning resource pooling together with dynamic resources reassigning and flexibility it offered changed the model of CWIX capabilities experimentation and testing. It sped up the capabilities deployment and reconfiguration process extended the experimentation windows and provided new performance and productivity indicators. The second aim of JFTC IaaS implementation was to promote cloud computing within NATO. Over the recent years cloud computing has become one of the main driving forces in the industry. More and more companies and organizations processed stored and maintained their data on the cloud accessing it remotely from different locations. After 2 years of testing and exploring the potentials of this technology JFTC together with NCIA CSU Bydgoszcz fielded with success vCloud Director that is has opened its doors for more CWIX participants. Cooperation NCIA and JFTC represented by Training Support Division have reached an unprecedented level of cooperation. NCIAs efforts were led by its Interface and Integration Engineer Waldemar Slifarski. Thanks to him and his technical support team together with Fulvio Postogna a JFTC CIS engineer the service provided by technical infrastructure at JFTC has greatly improved. What was most striking was the ability of JFTCs CIS branch and NCIA to work together share expertise and exploit their respective strengths at just the right place. It allowed CWIX to be a success every year. For example NCIA which owned and operated most of the JFTCs technical infrastructure was able to fully integrate with the JFTC battle lab which was owned and operated by JFTC Wargaming branch. Whenever one of the Agencies had a short fall in one area it was able to immediately rely on its partner to backfill the gap providing seamless service to the CWIX community. Future The future of CWIX is bright. The event furthers the NATOs interoperability and promotes the closer integration of the Alliance. Together the Bydgoszcz team of NCIA and JFTC will continue to improve the smooth running of this important event. Within the cloud area the next targets are PaaS Platform as a Service and SaaS Software as a Service service models that are more advanced cloud computing capabilities aiming at making the JFTC infrastructure even more attractive to the CWIX participants.