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MAJ Alex Vershinin US Army CDE Section Head JFTC Training Support Division 16 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 It has already been five years since the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC became the home for the Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration eXperimentation and eXamination eXercise CWIX. Before this years edition of CWIX the Centre was working hand in hand with the NATO Communications and Information Agency CIS Support Unit Bydgoszcz NCIA CSU Bydgoszcz to make major refinements to the exercise by improving the money saving cloud services at the JFTC facility in Bydgoszcz Poland. Through close cooperation the team in Poland has made sure that the future of CWIX and allied interoperability will continue to remain a success. What is CWIX CWIX is a Military Committee directed annual program designed to support the continuous improvement to interoperability for the Alliance and Partner Nations. In 2015 over the three week period CWIX brought together engineers technicians and operational users from 21 Nations andAgencies to test interoperability between different information systems in Bydgoszcz Poland and 21 testing sites distributed throughout Europe and North America. They brought together 181 capability configurationsin key testing areas of Cyber Defense the Federated Mission Networking and Friendly Force Tracking. Why CWIX The importance of CWIX cannot be understated. It is the largest annual NATO approved event of its kind. CWIX is designed to bring about continuous improvement in interoperability for the Alliance and Partner Nations. It is one of the driving test beds for the Smart Defense concept and the Connected Forces Initiative CFI. It builds interoperability and facilitates a common framework for Alliance members and Partner Nations to plug and play their Command and Control C2 networks. During the Afghan mission it took several years to create Afghan Mission Network. It allowed the entire ISAF coalition sharing real time information across the entire coalition and was vital to ISAFs success. The CFI and the FMN seek to capitalize on successes of the Afghan Mission Network capture its lessons and create a framework for future deployable networks which can be set up in a matter of months instead of years giving NATO rapid crisis response ability. CWIX is where the concept takes life and nations have a chance to test document and refine the interoperability of their C2 systems. The cloud service at CWIX The cloud service for CWIX was started in 2013 with the twin aim of reducing the hardware shipment and promoting mobile computing field in NATO. In obvious terms of practical equipment reduction cloud service is invaluable. It allowed the nations to JFTC and NCIA The Team Behind CWIX 2015