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MAJ Alex Vershinin US Army CDE Section Head JFTC Training Support Division 14 Transformation Through Training Issue No 7 July 2015 Another edition of the annual SACT- led Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration eXperimentation eXamination eXercise CWIX opened on 8 June 2015. For this key event 21 Nations and NATO agencies came together to the Joint Force Training Centre JFTC in Bydgoszcz Poland for three weeks to test interoperability of their communication systems as well as Modelling and Simulation MS platforms. Over the last two decades NATO has grown to 28 nations. At the same time national command and control systems have grown in complexity especially since all NATO nations have pursued their own unique command and control systems. CWIX is the one place where NATO nations can come together and technically test their ability to operate together. This interoperability is the backbone of multinational NATO operation. Without it no future NATO mission can be successful. CWIX 2015 spurred JFTC efforts to expanded cloud. The JFTC has kept the pace with the industrys embrace of the virtualization technology. For the third year in a row we offered participating nations vCloud service for their testing needs. The benefits were tremendous. The nations could configure their systems ahead of time from remote locations saving time which was then used for more tests. They needed less equipment hence lower transportation costs. Over the years CWIX facilitated steady expansion to the cloud service to generate room for more clients. Eventually our goal is to place the majority of CWIX participants on the cloud servers. The growth of vCloud at CWIX fuels our evolution at the JFTC. Not only does the expanding vCloud service expand our technical ability to host more clients generating larger and more realistic exercises but it also builds up our staff expertise at bridging national and NATO systems. One of the JFTCs functions is a Gateway between NATO Joint Operational level training and National tactical level training. CWIX is the one event where the JFTC can test the systems and develop procedures that support the future training events. It is in this role aided by residence experience and CWIX triggered flexibility that makes the JFTC the future place for training NATOs most current formation the VJTF. The future of CWIX looks bright. This year alone six additional NATO nations have expressed interest in joining CWIX. Among those nations are such long term members as Spain as well as newer members such as Albania Slovakia and the Baltic States. Even the EU and the newest NATO partners such as Montenegro have started looking at CWIX as an event important to their future. Undoubtedly the growth of CWIX will bring new challenges as the capability and network capacity at JFTC will be stretched but the experienced and highly skilled JFTC CWIX team will take it on. 2015 CWIX is Fuelling the Evolution of JFTC