On 17 May, the Joint Force Training Centre hosted the first 2019 Open Day for Schools. The event gathered more than 150 students from five schools. They all arrived at JFTC to learn more about NATO and the centre itself, to see the centre from the inside and to meet with its representatives.

Starting from 2015, JFTC has regularly opened its gates for students. The Open Days for Schools are organized twice a year as a response to requests received from local schools to visit the centre. Usually, JFTC prepares two sessions – one for high schools, and the other for primary schools. This time was no different.

JFTC guests had a chance to deep-dive into Alliance’s history, its principle values and current operations. They also learned more about JFTC’s mission and activities. Additionally, the older group saw a demonstration of simulation tools that are used in support of NATO training in Bydgoszcz. Every session ended with a question and answer round. JFTC members - officers and non-commissioned representing different nations – engaged with the guests in very vivid and interesting discussions. They talked about various aspects of work for NATO, soldiers’ experiences from allied missions and possible ways of joining NATO institutions.

The next Open Day for Schools is planned for autumn.

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