Between 5 and 14 March, thousands of soldiers and civilian experts combined their efforts across Europe in the NATO Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2024. With 800 Exercise Control members steering and coordinating the event from the NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland, the exercise evaluated the Rapid Reaction Corps France in the NATO Warfighting Corps role. It also trained the Multinational Corps Northeast and 1st German-Netherlands Corps in planning for and conducting an Article 5 (collective defence) Major Joint Operation.

Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2024, carefully planned and prepared over the past 18 months, was a NATO Allied Land Command-sponsored land domain tactical level exercise. Based on a realistic scenario, it challenged the training audiences in a multi-domain, quickly changing environment, covering political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure domains to replicate modern battlefield.

During the exercise, the participants were confronted with demanding injects. They included content delivered by all response cells, presenting challenging situations to the training audiences, or Opposing Force activities planned in all domains – land, space, air, maritime and cyber.

To provide the right level of support for this Computer Assisted Exercise, over 200 simulation system operators and experts worked together at the NATO Joint Force Training Centre. They created the “train as you fight” simulated environment that supported all training audiences in achieving their training objectives.

The whole Exercise Control team ensured that Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2024 was both challenging and realistic, pushing allied forces to remain cohesive, vigilant, and operationally ready.

Major General Norbert Wagner, NATO Joint Force Training Centre’s Commander and Exercise Director, inspected several exercise sites to observe the progress of the event. Together with Lieutenant General Gaulin, Commander of the Rapid Reaction Corps France, he explored the primary training audience’s exercise area in Mailly, France. Near Bechyne, Czech Republic, he observed the work of the 1st German-Netherlands Corps and met with their Commander, Lieutenant General Nico Tak.

The Exercise Control’s work also drew attention of important NATO Flag Officers, to include Admiral Joachim Rühle, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe’s Chief of Staff. He visited the Joint Force Training Centre to observe the exercise running at full stretch, and to discuss the future of allied training and exercises, to include LOYAL LEDA series with the Centre’s leadership.

LOYAL LEDA 2024 stands as a testament to NATO’s commitment to excellence in training and readiness. Alliance’s capability to respond effectively to contemporary security challenges was showcased as was NATO’s role as a cornerstone of global security and stability.