Approximately 700 NATO soldiers and civilian experts from 25 NATO and Partner Nations gathered at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland, to participate in Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2022. The JFTC-led Exercise Control (EXCON) formed in Bydgoszcz steered operations of thousands of troops taking part in the event across Europe. They all worked hand in hand to maintain readiness and cohesion of the Alliance.

“Cohesion is the centre of gravity for NATO and this was a truly cohesive event”, said Major General Norbert Wagner, the JFTC Commander and the Exercise Director. “By accomplishing this exercise, we have contributed to strengthening NATO’s unity and have helped increase the Allied interoperability both procedurally and culturally”.

Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2022 (LOLE22) was a NATO Allied Land Command-sponsored land domain tactical-level Computer Assisted Exercise / Command Post Exercise. It was executed between 30 November and 9 December, following more than one year’s meticulous planning, coordination and preparations. With JFTC as Officer Directing the Exercise, LOLE22 trained and evaluated NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Türkiye in the NATO Warfighting Corps role for 2023. It also trained Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East and Headquarters Multinational Division South-East in planning for and conducting the execution phase of an Article 5 Major Joint Operation against a peer adversary.

The exercise was based on a compelling Article 5 scenario that encompassed a wide range of modern warfare challenges, to include those deriving from space and cyber domains as well as hybrid warfare. Its successful execution would not have been possible without tremendous support of various commands, such as Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, NATO Allied Air Command, Joint Force Command Brunssum, United States Army Europe, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Spain, U.S. Army V Corps, NATO Communications and Information Agency, U.S. Navy Reserve, numerous MODs and more. LOLE22 was one of NATO's biggest exercises this year.

“Thanks to remarkable engagement of all participating Headquarters, the exercise was a great demonstration of NATO’s warfighting capabilities”, added General Wagner who observed the progress of the event at JFTC and also at other exercise locations, including the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Türkiye in Istanbul and Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East in Sibiu, Romania.

Exercise LOYAL LEDA 2022 was this year’s highlight in the Joint Force Training Centre’s programme of work. The Centre was responsible for proper preparation and execution of the exercise and for ensuring that all requirements were fulfilled. JFTC experts also contributed significantly to the experimentation activities during the exercise.