With more than 130 trainees, supported by dozens of military and civilian subject matter experts working remotely from 27 countries in 10 time zones, the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) conducted its first 2021 pre-deployment training event. Between 18 and 27 January, members of the next rotation of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan received their final preparation before deployment. As the fight with the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, yet again the event was executed virtually.

We have designed the course to challenge you intellectually whilst delivering mission critical information” – said Brigadier General Jozsef Szpisjak, JFTC Deputy Commander and the Training Director. He also highlighted the importance of the training and especially interactions with experts from the theatre - soldiers who served in Afghanistan, and with future partners. Despite the virtual form of the training, JFTC team ensured that all those aspects were fully covered.

This time the Resolute Support Training consisted of two bespoke courses – for Resolute Support Headquarters and for Train Advise Assist Command North (TAAC-N). These included numerous live sessions, such as key leader round table discussions, simulated remote advising, lessons, lectures and quizzes, to give trainees a better understanding of the mission, its social and cultural context as well as their particular roles within the allied endeavour. For the first time, we conducted online “Staff Training” which posed several logistic and coordination challenges which had to be overcome. “Based on our experience in conducting virtual training, we provided trainees with a broad spectrum of key information and skills. That will allow them to fulfil their future mission in a professional and effective manner” Lieutenant Colonel Robert S─ůsiadek, JFTC Officer with Primary Responsibility for the event.

Thanks to the close cooperation between JFTC, Joint Force Command Brunssum, Resolute Support Headquarters and Bundeswehr Joint Force Operations Command (responsible for the TAAC-N training), another group of future members of the NATO mission in Afghanistan received top quality training. The event mirrored current in-theatre realities and will allow trainees to deploy to the theatre with confidence.

The next Resolute Support Training Event is planned for spring.