After 18 months of meticulous planning, coordination and preparations, STEADFAST LEDA, NATO’s biggest tactical level exercise in 2021, launched today. Close to 4000 participants are working hand in hand in numerous locations across Europe, with exercise control staff leading and directing the event from the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This 10-day exercise will culminate in the combat readiness evaluation (CREVAL) of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain as the warfighting corps headquarters.

“Exercise STEADFAST LEDA 2021 is another milestone event that ensures Alliance’s readiness for current and tomorrow’s challenges – said Major General Norbert Wagner, the JFTC Commander and Exercise Director, addressing hundreds of exercise control members responsible for coordinating the exercise from JFTC. “We are here to make sure that all participating commands are challenged thoroughly so they can verify and prove their ability to work together in order to help the Alliance address any threat it may encounter. Cohesion is key to achieving the exercise goals. It is also key to the success of the Alliance.”

STEADFAST LEDA 2021 is a land domain computer assisted, command post exercise, sponsored by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe with the Allied Land Command in the role of the Officer Conducting the Exercise. The exercise is based on a compelling Article 5 scenario that encompasses a wide range of modern warfare challenges, to include those deriving from space and cyber domains as well as hybrid warfare.

While the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain is the primary training audience, the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Greece and Allied Rapid Reaction Corps form the secondary training audience. The Corps from Greece trains in the role of the Multi-Corps Land Component Command.

Also US V Corps and the Multinational Corps Northeast take active part in the exercise as response cells.

Commander Joint Force Training Centre is the Officer Directing the Exercise, therefore JFTC is responsible for proper execution of the event and for ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled. The Centre also plays an important part in the experimentation activities during the event. Major General Norbert Wagner, JFTC Commander, will observe the progress of the event at JFTC and also at several exercise sites he will visit during the upcoming days.