Incident and scripting workshops for Loyal Leda 2020, exercise for the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and Multinational Division South East, are now being conducted at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). Major General Adam Joks, JFTC Commander, opened the events on 1 September. Major General Lorenzo D’Addario, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Deputy Commander, accompanied by Brigadier Adam Griffiths, also participated in the workshop opening sessions.

Every NATO exercise and training event is preceded by a set of planning conferences, meetings and workshops. They are integral parts of a long process, essential for proper scheduling, development and, eventually, for a professional execution of an event. The currently ongoing incident and scripting workshops are final steps before Exercises Loyal Leda 2020 planned for this autumn. NATO experts are now working, both in Bydgoszcz and remotely, to prepare realistic and challenging storylines that will be implemented into the exercise and will enable effective training.

“Loyal Leda 20 remains the ‘priority number one’ this year in the field of JFTC’s contribution to future NATO operations, as the exercise in planning and executing a Collective Defense Major Joint Operation. (…) We should remember that this workshop is an important planning milestone that brings us closer to the exercise execution” – General Joks stressed in his opening remarks.

The aim of the workshops is to develop storylines, incidents and events that will add realism to the training and will adjust it better to the current and anticipated environment as well as NATO requirements. The main role of injects developed during the workshops, is to challenge the Loyal Leda 2020 training audience, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and Multinational Division South East, in execution of a planning process and conducting an Article 5 major joint operation against a peer adversary.

“Developing main events and main incidents lists is key to ensure training objectives achievement, therefore be creative and innovative to develop products that will challenge the training audience” –General Joks added.

As many events conducted by JFTC earlier this year, also the Loyal Leda 20 incident and scripting workshops faced difficulties caused by COVID-19 related restrictions. Using good practice developed in previous months some parts of the workshops are conducted remotely, via on-line platforms that allow for safe yet effective cooperation. Soldiers who are attending the events at JFTC, follow strict safety regime, to include social distancing and wearing face masks.

The workshops will last till 15 September.

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