The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) opened its door for Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) and their Exercise Griffin Lightning 21. The Corps from Szczecin, Poland, deployed to Bydgoszcz to test its capabilities in a simulated defence operation. The event will last till 12 March.

“The Joint Force Training Centre with its reputation of a key venue for NATO exercises, provides our friends from Szczecin with professional and realistic training environment for the exercise. The Griffin Lightning 21 is yet another example of NATO’s effectiveness and readiness – even in such challenging times”, says Major General Adam Joks, JFTC Commander.

During the past months, JFTC exercise planning team has worked together with HQ MNC NE counterparts on preparing the facility in accordance with the Corps’ requirements. A large “tent city” set up in the JFTC expeditionary training area accommodates all troops involved in the exercise in proper operational conditions and in line with the severe sanitary regime related to the pandemic. Thanks to the specifically tailored logistics, CIS systems and real life support provided by JFTC, the Szczecin Corps can focus on the exercise goals and run the event smoothly.

“Regardless of the circumstances, we must be ready to fulfil our tasks, and training is our foundation. It helps us remain adaptable and open-minded. Regular training builds confidence and grows our soldiers into capable professionals”, said Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski, Commander MNC NE. Addressing JFTC Commander, General Wojciechowski added: “Professionalism of your personnel and support of yours during this exercise contribute to the future of MNC NE.”

The Exercise Griffin Lightning aims at enhancing HQ MNC NE readiness to execute full-spectrum military operations in an increasingly complex and demanding regional environment. Scenario of the event reflects a broad spectrum of challenges that may appear in a real operation. The exercise will also evaluate the HQ MNC NE’s development as the Regional Land Component Command and improve planning and decision-making skills across the Corps, including Multinational Divisions – North East and North, and NATO Force Integration Units.