The 2019 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX) officially started on 12 June at the NATO Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland. More than 1500 participants from 38 nations make it the biggest CWIX in history. The event was officially opened by Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, JFTC Deputy Commander/ Chief of Staff, and Commander Dieter Jahn, CWIX Director, representing Allied Command Transformation.

“The Joint Force Training Centre is proud to welcome you in Bydgoszcz for another year in a row not only as the host of CWIX but also as a contributor, coordinator of testing in the modelling and simulations domain,” said General Jung welcoming participants of this year’s event. He also underlined the importance of CWIX and huge effort that stands behind the annual program as well as preparations for the execution.

Made up of 29 member nations plus partners with many different national forces, NATO is a beacon of operational diversity that provides a powerful safeguard for the freedom and security of the Alliance. NATO nations are themselves responsible for ensuring that their people, processes and technologies operate effectively; however, when NATO comes together as an Alliance to collectively defend its members and to deter any adversaries from aggression, it becomes critically important for multinational units to operate together effectively and efficiently. NATO nations must have the ability to share their information so that NATO commanders can make the best decisions based on the information provided by all nations.

This is why Allied Command Transformation organises the Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise, hosted by the Joint Force Training Centre, to continually improve interoperability between command and control systems and build trust between operators so that when deployed on a NATO mission the Alliance can act as one. With its state-of-the-art facility and modern communications and information systems infrastructure, JFTC provides CWIX with the highest quality support and ideal venue to conduct testing and experimentation. This is why the Centre has been the home for CWIX for the past nine years and will continue to do so in the years to come

CWIX execution at JFTC is the culmination of an annual program focused on interoperability testing. In his opening remarks, the CWIX Director highlighted the focus of the event with over 5000 test cases for more than 300 capabilities. “I strongly believe that CWIX 2019 will once again be an outstanding success for all involved and for the Alliance’s and Partners’ future interoperability,” said CDR Jahn.

CWIX 2019 is the largest NATO interoperability event yet, with more participants, participating nations, test configurations, verifications, and experiments than ever before. Over the next three weeks the participants will test and improve interoperability between Alliance and Partner nations. Where necessary they will ‘try, fail, fix, try again’ to improve how the Alliance and Partner nations work together.  This is what we do at CWIX to ‘achieve federated interoperability now’.

You can read more on CWIX here.

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