Major General Nerim Bítlíslíoglu, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource and Management at the Allied Commander Transformation, visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). He met with the Centre’s Commander, Major General Wilhelm Grün, and his key staff on 30 January.

General Bítlíslíoglu arrived in Bydgoszcz to learn about JFTC structure, its main engagements, and also to discuss challenges related to the Centre’s ambitious programme of work. An initial overview briefing introduced the General to JFTC’s activities in three main domains – support to current operations, support to future operations and warfare development. It also triggered many questions and vivid discussions.

The discussions focused on the need for resources for the growing requirements in the areas of training and warfare development. This year, next to the regular workload, JFTC will start a new pre-deployment training series for NATO Mission in Iraq and a new command post exercise to be conducted in 2020. Additionally, it expects new tasks in the warfare development domain. All that will require additional personnel and smart planning.

General Bítlíslíoglu received a comprehensive analysis of the Centre’s manpower situation with regards to the recent growth of 31 positions in the JFTC Peacetime Establishment. These posts will be crucial for proper planning and execution of the new requirements assigned to JFTC. In order to enhance the bidding and recruitment process, JFTC leaders asked General Bítlíslíoglu for support in promoting new JFTC posts among NATO nations.

General Bítlíslíoglu visited JFTC during the execution of the first 2019 Resolute Support pre-deployment training event. This allowed him to deep-dive in the Centre’s flagship event and see JFTC staff working at full speed. During a walk through the compound, the General visited the main training facilities, battle laboratory and expeditionary training area.