As Exercise Citadel Bonus 2019 is in full swing, representatives of Polish Armed Forces arrived in Bydgoszcz to explore it and to learn more about Joint Force Training Centre’s capabilities in preparing and supporting events of this size.

On 5 December, JFTC Commander, Major General Adam Joks, hosted Major General Tomasz Piotrowski, Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Major General Maciej Jabłoński, Commander of 12th Mechanised Division, Brigadier General Karol Molenda, Director of National Cyber Security Centre of Poland, and Brigadier General Andrzej Przekwas from the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces.

Polish generals met also with Lieutenant General Pierre Gillet, Rapid Reaction Corps-France (RRC-FR) Commander, Major General Emmanuel Gaulin, RRC-FR Chief of Staff, JFTC members and participants of the exercise.

The guests received in-depth information about Citadel Bonus as well as about JFTC’s and RRC-FR’s capabilities. They were also introduced to JFTC’s former and future exercises, including Loyal Leda 2020 that would be a next year’s highlight for the Centre. The generals also had an opportunity to observe the execution of Citadel Bonus and got acquainted with some of its functional areas such as the Tactical Operations Centre, Cyber, StratCom and Combined Joint Expeditionary Division.

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