JFTC has taken necessary measures to inform and prepare its staff and international community to face COVID-19. We are monitoring the global pandemic in close coordination with other NATO Commands, Polish national, military and medical entities. All directions and guidance from the Host Nation are immediately implemented.

Over the past weeks, our Command and Key Leaders have been monitoring the situation, preparing our people and taking preventative measures to minimise risks related to COVID-19. We have set up a special team within our headquarters to ensure we do everything we can to protect our people and our neighbourhood. We communicate with our teams on a regular basis to ensure they act following the best medical advice.

The JFTC precaution measures are continuously updated and adjusted to the evolving situation and most of all, to Polish regulations and temporary limitations in force related to COVID-19 and they include:

  • Cancellation of all exercises, training events, workshops, conferences and other events;
  • Cancellation of all international travels;
  • Cancellation of all official visits;
  • Limitation of personnel working permanently at JFTC compound to the necessary minimum – majority of staff is working from home;
  • Limitation of internal meetings to the necessary minimum;
  • Distribution of disinfectants and disposable hand gloves within the compound;
  • Restrictions related to face-to-face contact at work;
  • Medical checks at the entrances (temperature checks);
  • And many more.

In addition, all JFTC personnel and their families, receive daily updates on the situation related to COVID-19 with special emphasis on changes in Polish regulations and instructions how to apply them in everyday life.

Health and safety of our staff, families as well as our neighbours is of key importance to JFTC, therefore we will continue to monitor the situation and provide information and guidance to our community and support those who might need assistance.

JFTC Commander and Deputy Commander attach the highest significance to observing all existing regulations and procedures as it has impact on safety of the local community and also on the continuity of our mission.