Friday, May 26, 2017
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Morale and Welfare Activities

Category: Morale & Welfare

The Morale and Welfare Activities (MWA) are functions that enhance the quality of life, follow good manners and do not offend common decency, promote unit integrity and contribute to the well-being of eligible individuals, which include spouses and dependants as well as military and civilian staff members. They comprise clubs, athletic, recreational and fund generating activities and facilities. The Morale and Welfare Activities serve to enhance quality of life, promote unit esprit du corps and contribute to well-being of eligible individuals.

The Morale and Welfare goals are:

  • Serve the community’s needs promptly and efficiently wherever possible within the given NATO regulations
  • Support community events on the highest priority in order to strengthen the international NATO community in Bydgoszcz
  • Maintain a professional and efficient support of the clubs and units

The Morale and Welfare supports the following events

  • JFTC Ball
  • International Day
  • Other Community events (e.g. French Beaujolais Nouveau, German Oktoberfest, Christmas-Event, etc.)
  • Host nation language training

As well as many other events through the Morale and Welfare Clubs.

NATO Spouses Club Bydgoszcz (link to the NSCB site)

JFTC Sports club (link to the SC site)

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