The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) conducted a two-day workshop with representatives of the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (JTEC). Discussions, held on 19 and 20 November, covered a wide range of topics that would support transition from mentorship to partnership between the two centres. The JTEC’s delegation, led by Colonel Giorgi Dumbadze, the Commander, also met with the JFTC leadership, Major General Adam Joks, JFTC Commander, and his deputy, Brigadier General Jozsef Szpisjak.

During two days of intensive work, participants touched upon legal aspects of planned endeavours, security and force protection issues, human resources activities, budgetary implications and many others. The meeting also created a perfect opportunity to deepen the discussions about areas of future cooperation between JFTC and JTEC, such as scenario development, operational law, CIS development or Information Knowledge Management.



In early 2015 JFTC assumed the leading role in preparations for the NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016. After a successful execution of the event, JFTC used its vast experience in planning and delivering NATO training to mentor and support the newly established NATO-Georgia JTEC. In 2019 JTEC took over the responsibility for directing the NATO-Georgia Exercise – with JFTC providing mentorship during the event. Now both centres are developing a partnership programme that will streamline their cooperation in the future.

JTEC was inaugurated on 27 August 2015. It was designed to assist Georgia in reforming, modernisation and strengthening its security and defence sector; enhancing interoperability of Georgian Forces, enabling them to work alongside NATO and partner forces and offer multi-national training and exercise opportunities. It also contributes to promoting regional stability in the Black Sea and Caucasus region.

NATO-Georgia JTEC is a symbol of deepening cooperation and partnership between Georgia and NATO. The Joint Force Training Centre, under the guidance of the Allied Command Transformation, plays an important role in fostering the Georgian Defence Forces’ capabilities.


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