Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, the new Chairman of the Military Committee (CMC), visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). He met the Centre’s Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, and his staff on 27 September.

The Chairman of the Military Committee received in depth information about JFTC, its mission, structure, main activities and areas of development. To give Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach a complete picture of environment the Centre operates in, JFTC invited representatives of other NATO units based in Bydgoszcz to participate in the meeting. Colonel Grzegorz Wasielewski, the Director of the NATO Military Centre of Excellence, Colonel Fabio Nagni, Deputy Commander of the NATO Force Integration Unit Poland, Commander Sławomir Hejka, the Commander of the NCIA CIS Support Unit Bydgoszcz, Major Jakub Rybiński, Deputy Commander of the 3rd NATO Signal Battalion and Major Katarzyna Fiedur, Deputy Commander of the JFTC Support Unit, briefly presented their headquarters as well as their relations with JFTC.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach was especially interested in challenges JFTC was facing with regard to the ongoing NATO Command Structure adaptation process. The discussions highlighted the Centre’s training and exercises development and execution. Talks also focused on integration of experimentation efforts within training events, implementation of lessons learned into exercises scenarios and cooperation with other NATO units, including the centres of excellence.

The visit concluded with a short tour through the Centre that was then being prepared for one of the JFTC flagship events – Resolute Support pre-deployment training 18-4. This gave the guest a full picture of the Centre’s capacity and capabilities in support of NATO training and innovation.


Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach assumed the functions of the Chairman off the Military Committee on 29 June 2018.

Chairman of the Military Committee is NATO’s senior military officer and the senior military spokesman for the Alliance on all military matters. He is the principal military adviser to the Secretary General.

He is the conduit through which advice from the Chiefs of Defence is presented to the political decision-making bodies and guidance and directives are issued to the Strategic Commanders and the Director General of the International Military Staff.

The Chairman also directs the Military Committee - NATO’s highest military authority, acts on the Committee’s behalf and is the Committee’s spokesman and representative.

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