"I am absolutely convinced that you are well prepared for your demanding jobs in Afghanistan. You received the best possible preparation before your deployment” – said Major General Thorsten Poschwatta, the Deputy Commander of Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command, addressing participants of the Resolute Support training event that has just concluded at the Joint Force Training Centre. “Thank you for your service” – added Major General Wilhem Grün, the Commander of the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). “Come back in health and safety”.

The third 2018 pre-deployment training for the allied mission in Afghanistan ended on 26 July.

During the last two weeks future members of the Resolute Support mission received their final preparation before deployment. The participants were provided with a significant portion of high quality expertise and in-depth information related to transformation and development Afghanistan had gone through within last years, the current situation in the country as well as challenges they might encounter in the theatre. In the last phase of the event they also examined their skills and readiness for training, advising and assisting their Afghan counterparts (you will find more about the beginning of the training here).

Pre-deployment training events conducted at JFTC are often the first and only opportunity for future teams to meet and cooperate before the deployment. This event was no different. The participants had a chance to interact with their future fellow-workers and this created an opportunity for building strong teams that would be able to work effectively from the very first day of their mission. Soldiers assigned to Train Advise Assist Command North, could additionally meet their future Commander, Brigadier General Gerhard Klaffus, and Chief of Staff, Colonel Rüdiger Beiser, who also supported the training.

The Resolute Support Training Event 18-3, designed and delivered by JFTC, had been prepared in close cooperation with the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command and the Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS). Major General Karl Ford, the JFCBS Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, also addressed the training audience on the last day of the event. “You are deploying to the theatre in a very interesting time” – said General Ford, stressing the ongoing processes and challenges Afghanistan will face in the nearest future. “Throughout your time in Afghanistan remember that we (JFCBS) are there to assist you (...) We are the bridge between the Resolute Support Mission, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and NATO Headquarters. We remain here to support you, so please, use us.”

The trainees will deploy to Afghanistan within the next weeks and months.



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