Mr. Tomasz Szatkowski, Deputy Minister – Undersecretary of State in the Polish Ministry of Defence, visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). He met with Major General Wilhelm Grün, the Centre’s Commander, and his key staff to learn more about Centre’s activities and development. The visit took place on 12 June.

The JFTC guest received in-depth information about Centre’s mission and activities. The initial briefing, focusing on the current situation and future JFTC challenges, triggered many interesting questions and a vivid discussion. They touched upon JFTC training and exercises as well as changes the Centre has been facing recently - including significant increase in number of positions in the JFTC’s structure within the past two years and currently tested trial structure.

The Deputy Minister was especially interested in JFTC’s role and activities in the domain of capability development. As the Centre has been increasing its footprint in the area of innovations – mostly devoted to training, but also supporting the NATO concept development - the guest had a chance to find out about JFTC testing and experimentation capacities, including the newly established battle laboratory.

Major General Wilhelm Grün extended his appreciation for all the support JFTC received from the Host Nation and the City of Bydgoszcz, he also recognized members of Polish contingent serving at the NATO training centre in Bydgoszcz.



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