After twelve days of intensive training at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC), more than 600 personnel from Headquarters Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) and 4 NATO Response Force 2018 components successfully concluded Exercise Brilliant Joust 2018 (BRJT18).

NRF components: NATO Rapid Deployable Corp-Italy (Land), French Maritime Force (Maritime), German Joint Force Air Command (Air) and Spanish Joint Special Operations Command (Special Forces), gathered in Bydgoszcz to integrate their command and control with each other and JFC Brunssum. The latter deployed to Poland with over 280 personnel, with the rest of the staff remaining at the static location in the Netherlands, supporting the exercise with ‘reach back’ capabilities.

In his closing remarks, Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, explained that BRJT18 was “a very special exercise” that “promoted free thinking.” The NATO Senior Mentor, Lieutenant General Ton Van Loon (Ret’d), speaking about the complexity of the scenario challenged the training audience to “start accepting that the world we live in is uncomfortably complex.” Commander JFC Brunssum, General Riccardo Marchiò, thanked the JFTC Commander for the support of his staff as “one of the drivers of success” in the exercise and thanked the Senior Mentor, whose support was “evident for all of us.” General Marchiò thanked the Component Commands for providing “the fuel of the BRJT18 engine” and also the JFC Brunssum Training Audience for their hard work. He finished by emphasizing teambuilding as one of his “personal aims for the exercise” and remarking upon the “great family” of JFC Brunssum that “fights together with its shared values and individuals’ knowledge.”

Brilliant Joust 18 was a computer assisted exercise that utilized a fictitious scenario settled in a non-article 5 crisis response operation framework. The event was tailored and executed in close cooperation between the Joint Force Training Centre, as the Officer Directing the Exercise, and the JFC Brunssum. It was the second time JFTC supported JFC Brunssum in this type of exercise.

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 Credits to JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office