More than 200 soldiers – future members of the Resolute Support mission – have just finalized the last phase of their preparation before deployment. The third 2017 iteration of the pre-deployment training for the train, advise, assist mission in Afghanistan ended on 3 August. The event was officially closed by Major General Wilhelm Grün, the Commander of the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC).

During their final preparation, future members of the Train Advise Assist Command North (TAAC-N) and advisors going to various parts of Afghanistan received high-quality training consisting of both theoretical and practical parts. Soldiers received in-depth information on key aspects of the mission, operational environment, political, cultural and social situation in Afghanistan as well as on respective positions, roles and responsibilities they would assume upon deployment.

“I think we have provided you with the required knowledge for your task in RS, and access to the experience of your predecessors and SMEs” – said Lieutenant General Juan Campíns, the Deputy Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command, Brunssum, the Headquarters responsible for scheduling the exercise. He met with the participants during the closing session. The General also underlined that although the training gave the soldiers profound foundation, the situation in Afghanistan was very dynamic. “I encourage you to keep an eye on events in the country as closely as you possibly can between now and your deployment. If we can help you from Brunssum to maintain this situational awareness, please, let us know.”

The trainees were supported by close to 200 military and civilian specialists and Subject Matter Experts who augmented the training event with their knowledge and expertise from the theatre. “Your contribution as knowledge providers, your willingness and dedication to spend significant time for preparation and execution of this training event is – apart from JFTC’s in-house work – definitely the biggest asset and most important foundation in the pre-deployment training “ – said Colonel Leonhard Hirschmann, representing the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command. He also addressed the Training Audience in this regard: “In a few months, you will be the experts. It cannot be overstated that your mission will not finish on the day of your redeployment. You will have to be available for your successors. This is an integral part of your mission.”

Pre-deployment training events conducted at JFTC are often the first opportunity for future teams to meet and cooperate. This event was no different. It was the first time when the future Chief of Staff of the TAAC-N had the opportunity to work with his staff. The teambuilding aspect of these events is of utmost importance. “Only when you really learn to know each other by heart, when you know your own and your comrades’ strength, capabilities and limitations, you will be the team your Commander can rely on” – said Colonel Hirschmann to the participants. “An important step towards this achievement has been done here, during the last two weeks.”

The trainees also had a chance to take advantage of presence of Lieutenant General Peter Bohrer, the Deputy Chief of German Joint Support Service, who explored the event and interacted with the participants.

Summarizing the exercise, General Grün, who was also the Exercise Director thanked all Subject Matter Experts for their tremendous support to the training, recognized those whose performance during the event was exceptional and wished all the trainees a successful mission and safe homecoming.

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