The Joint Force Training Centre’s (JFTC) development dominated discussions between the centre’s leadership and Major General Alfredo Sanz, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Resources. General Sanz met with Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, and his key staff on 6 April.

General Sanz was briefly introduced to the JFTC and its ongoing efforts aiming at increasing the centre’s capacities in support of training. The new Command Post Training Area construction works within the JFTC compound, as well as testing innovative solutions in the centre’s Peacetime Establishment were discussed first. The JFTC Commander presented his vision of JFTC as a unique training facility within NATO where training headquarters could deploy elements of their Command Post structures. At the same time, the centre will be capable of conducting exercises up to Joint Force Command level with up to 1000 soldiers involved. All this falls in line with the current training needs and requirements of the Alliance, expressed by two strategic commanders - the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

As this was General Sanz’s first visit to the Joint Force Training Centre, he also received in-depth information on the centre’s current activities and training capabilities. Presentations prepared by the JFTC divisions heads as well as a walk through the centre’s compound gave him a broad picture of JFTC as the flagship of NATO training and state-of-the-art platform for experimentation and testing.

The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Resources used his stay in Bydgoszcz also to explore other allied units based in this NATO Capital of Poland. On the last day of his visit, General Sanz met with the Commanders of the 3rd NATO Signal Battalion and the NATO Force Integration Unit.