Preparing advisors deployed to support the NATO mission in Kosovo was the main goal of the first training for NATO Advisory and Liaison Team (NALT). The event, conducted by the Joint Force Training Centre’s (JFTC) team, took place between 27 and 31 March in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

The approximately 40-strong NALT was established in August 2016. It focuses on advising and assisting the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) and the Ministry of KSF. JFTC, with its vast experience in pre-deployment preparation for advisors going to Afghanistan, was a natural choice to play the leading role in developing the training for members of the new team.

The training program consisted of two modules. The first was dedicated to delivering information on key aspects of the mission and the specifics of the operational environment. The second focused on practical activities and provided opportunities for the trainees to put theory into a practical context.

A small team from the Joint Force Training Centre, acting as the Officer Directing the Exercise, supported this event with its expertise and methodology developed for the Resolute Support Mission pre-deployment training. The concept successfully used in preparing soldiers deploying to Afghanistan was adjusted and tailored to meet the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team requirements. It provided the NALT advisors with the best conditions for learning more about specifics of their mission in Kosovo and allowed them to improve their advisory skills in a safe and controlled environment.

The mission of the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team is to enable NATO to support further development of the Security Institutions in Kosovo by providing advice and support focused on capacity building, education and training coordination.