Focus on Training

what we do 01The Centre’s motto, “Transformation Through Training,” reflects its mission. JFTC plays a key role in the NATO transformation process by delivering joint pre-deployment training, supporting current operations and emerging requirements, and by offering a platform for experimentation, testing, and interoperability.

Prior to 2014, JFTC focused on ISAF pre-deployment training. Now the Centre continues its efforts in preparing soldiers for their deployment to Afghanistan by conducting Resolute Support (RS) Mission training. It supports commanders by ensuring advisors achieve a high level of interoperability and flexibility; that NATO headquarters are fully prepared to execute the assigned missions of training, advising, and assisting the ANSF; and ensuring NATO contributes to the long-term sustainment of those forces.

The JFTC is also the premier location of NATO’s annual Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, and eXamination eXercise (CWIX). The event involves upwards of 1,000 participants from over 20 NATO and Partner Nations and multiple NATO commands, agencies, and organizations. This places JFTC in the centre of the Alliance capability and interoperability development.

JFTC actively supports NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure exercises by facilitating certification exercises for NATO and National Headquarters as well as providing capable Training Teams to augment Exercise Control in others. Simultaneously, the Centre is working intensively on completely new endeavours. In 2016, JFTC assumed lead roles in developing the first NATO-Georgia exercise and training NATO Advisor and Liaison Teams for Kosovo.

Whether through testing or supporting current operations, JFTC is at the very heart of the NATO’s aspirations and transformation. The importance of both training and testing will undoubtedly grow, and JFTC remains on the cutting edge of developing Alliance capability and interoperability from the Brigade to Corps level.

Available Support Packages

what we do 02Ever flexible, JFTC maintains the ability to provide NATO adaptable, scalable, and relevant training within the CFI concept. Offering any NCS or NFS organization an opportunity to train in a modern, efficient way to achieve its goals, JFTC supports a wide variety of training objectives from task certification to preparation for an upcoming deployment. JFTC can scale the level of support to best facilitate NATO’s training needs:

Hosting — JFTC hosts the event and provides the infrastructure, Communication and Information Systems (CIS), Functional Area Systems (FAS), and Real Life Support (RLS) to allow headquarters to focus on training.

Enabling — A modular approach consisting of Infrastructure, CIS & RLS, Modelling and Simulation (M&S), FAS Training, Scenario Adaptation, Main Events List/Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL) development, SITCEN Augmentation, and Training Team and Analysis Team support.

Executing — JFTC acts as Office Directing the Exercise (ODE) – providing all the services as above as well as assuming the role of the Exercise Director (EXDIR); developing the Exercise Plan (EXPLAN); providing full exercise control (EXCON); providing all technical platforms; and full procedural and conceptual support.