Friday, April 28, 2017
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Resolute Support Opens 2017 Training at JFTC

2017 01 24 rs17 1opening 4The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) has just started its first 2017 training event. On 24 January, Major General Wilhelm Grün, the Centre’s Commander, welcomed more than 400 soldiers and civilian experts. They arrived in Bydgoszcz to participate in another training for future members of Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan.

During upcoming days the participants, representing 27 NATO and partner nations, will be working hand in hand for the future success of the allied mission. Half of them are going to receive their final preparation before deployment to the RS Headquarters, Train Advise Assist Command-North (TAAC-N) as well as to numerous advisory teams. The other half is here to support the training with their expertise, and to share their in-theatre knowledge and experience with future members of RS mission.

2017 01 24 rs17 1opening 2Major General Thorsten Poschwatta, the Deputy Commander of the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command (BwJFOCOM), who welcomed the participants during the opening ceremony, underlined the exceptional value of events tailored this way: “The Resolute Support Training Event 17-1 – bringing together future members of the RS Headquarters, TAAC-North Headquarters and various advisory teams – is a unique opportunity for a common, yet individually shaped training throughout all tiers of the mission to create mutual understanding for each other and form a team.”

Also General Salvatore Farina, the Commander of the Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), highlighted the importance of the training and stressed the role of Subject Matter Experts. He addressed the Training Audience in a recorded message presented on 25 January.

2017 01 24 rs17 1opening 7“You have with you Subject Matter Experts directly from Afghanistan. (…) They are a key to give you the firsthand knowledge, expertise and advice on what you are going to face once deployed” – said the JFCBS Commander. He also provided the audience with directions and guidelines for their future assignment within RS mission.

The participants received a significant portion of high quality expertise during a briefing with Lieutenant General Jürgen Weigt, the Chief of Staff at the Resolute Support Headquarters. He met with the Training Audience on the first day of training and equipped his interlocutors with in-depth information related to transformation and development Afghanistan had gone through within last years, the current situation in the country as well as challenges that future members of RS mission may face.

And the days to come will bring more situational awareness and skills to the trainees.

The RS training, designed and delivered by JFTC, has been prepared in close cooperation with the Joint Force Command Brunssum and the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command. It consists of academic and practical exercises aiming at providing the participants with the best professional training soon before their deployment.

The Resolute Support mission remains JFTC’s priority. With the next event of this type, JFTC reaffirms its key position in pre-deployment training. Its professionalism in this area was recognized by General Poschwatta:

“For this ambitious project, I could not imagine a better training environment than the Joint Force Training Centre” – the BwJFOCOM Deputy Commander highlighted and added: “General Grün, you and your experienced staff have a remarkable reputation for designing and executing this training event, providing flexible framework, CIS setup close to theatre-reality and your hearts and minds focused on our common goal”. He also underlined that feedback received from the theatre is a proof of the centre’s professionalism and efficiency.


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