Friday, April 28, 2017
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On Innovations at JFTC with Air Marshal Stacey

2017 02 01 amstacey 6The Joint Force Training Centre’s (JFTC) expansion, future development of training capacities and pre-deployment preparation for the Resolute Support mission were main topics of discussions between Air Marshal Sir Graham Stacey, the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Chief of Staff (COS) and JFTC leadership. The ACT COS visited the Centre on 1 February.

The areas, often highlighted by Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, as the Centre’s focal points for the near future, predominated meetings arranged between the JFTC key personnel and the distinguished guest. Changes in the Centre’s structure, planned to be implemented later this year, as well as current development of the compound created a platform for discussions on new opportunities for JFTC and its training offering. A vision of increased involvement in exercises for multinational corps and broader engagement in high-level readiness exercises was brought to the ACT COS’s attention. These new fields of expertise are opening thanks to the ongoing evolution of the Centre. Stressing the JFTC’s key role in NATO training, Air Marshal Stacey assured Major General Grün on his support for the Centre’s efforts.

As the visit took place during the first 2017 edition of the Resolute Support training, the ACT COS had a chance to explore the event. He received in-depth information on the training from both JFTC personnel executing the exercise and future advisors undergoing their final preparation before deployment to Afghanistan. Air Marshal Stacey met with the trainees and underlined the importance of their future role. He also emphasized the significance of pre-deployment training and thanked the “fantastic team at JFTC” for their professionalism and dedication in supporting the Resolute Support mission (to learn more about the Resolute Support Training Event 17-1 click here).


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