Friday, May 26, 2017
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Open Day for Schools at JFTC

2017 05 10 openday 1More than 300 students from Bydgoszcz primary, junior high and technical high schools took part in another Open Day for Schools at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC). They met with NATO officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians to learn more about the Alliance and its flagship entity in Bydgoszcz. The event was held on 10 May. It was divided into two sessions – one gathered primary and junior high schools, the other was prepared for the technical high school.

How does the North Atlantic Treaty Organization work? What are its principles and current operations? Where is the JFTC’s place in the overall structure of the Alliance? How does the centre fulfill its training mission? Answers to all these questions and more were presented to the students in the first parts of both meetings. Colonel Wojciech CzerwiƄski, the JFTC Headquarters Support Division Head, welcomed the guests and provided them with background information related to NATO and its training centre based in Bydgoszcz. The older group additionally had a chance to have a closer look at simulation tools used at JFTC in support of allied training.

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The theoretical part of both meetings was followed by a questions and answers session. Eight members of different JFTC divisions and offices representing 6 nations joined the students in an open discussion. Soldiers’ experiences from allied missions, their military background, service at JFTC and also life in Poland were main topics of questions the young guests asked. Vivid conversations touched upon very serious issues, such as soldiers’ engagements in real operations or posttraumatic stress disorder, and also upon brighter sides of a military life – including building strong relationships with comrades and gaining invaluable experience.

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This time JFTC hosted students from the Primary School No. 38, led by their Headmistress, Mrs. Hanna Rauchfleisch, Primary School No. 61, Junior High School No. 56 and Sokrates Technical High School.

The next Open Day for Schools is planned for autumn.



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