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JFTC Opens Its Facility to Schools

2016 06 06 openday 6It has already become a tradition that twice a year the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) opens its doors to pupils and students of local schools. The first 2016 Open Day for Schools took place on 6 June 2016 and gathered more than 70 representatives of a Junior High School and a Technical College.

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Yet again, the Bydgoszcz NATO training centre prepared a programme aiming at providing its young guests with interesting information related to history of both NATO and the JFTC, current training efforts, their goals as well as future plans and challenges. The students met with JFTC officers and non-commissioned officers who briefed them on the JFTC mission, structure, place within NATO training network as well as its activities – training events, exercises, experiments and others. To show what the events conducted by the Centre look like in practice, 2016 06 06 openday 5the JFTC Training Support Division presented very sophisticated and very interesting simulation tools used during training events. Those tools are used to enhance NATO soldiers’ skills and abilities and therefore to strengthen forces of the Alliance.

Like last year, the Open Day for Schools ended with the Questions and Answers session. The guests were very interested in international soldiers’ life in Poland, but also in the support NATO Nations could provide to the Alliance member states in case of an external threat. A variety of questions showed again a big interest of young people in both military topics as well as current global issues.

The next Open Day for Schools at the JFTC is planned for autumn.



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