Friday, April 28, 2017
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Graduated Readiness Force (Land) Lessons Learned Working Group Meets at JFTC

2017 03 02 grf3lwg 1Last year’s experiences with focus on Major Joint Operations (+) and Land Component Command’s (LCC) role were main topics of discussions held during the Graduated Readiness Force (Land) Lessons Learned Working Group (GRF3LWG) meeting. The event took place between 28 February and 2 March. For the first time the Group gathered at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC).

“Networking, introducing new members and, most of all, discussions on lessons learned from the past year, are key elements in the agenda of every Graduated Readiness Force (Land) Lessons Learned Working Group’s meeting” – said Lieutenant Colonel Steffen Röchow, the Chairman of the Working Group, who represented the Allied Land Command Headquarters, the main organizer of the event. He also underlined the importance of those annual gatherings for strengthening cooperation between different NATO component commands and headquarters. “We receive information from our partner headquarters, gain better understanding of processes important to coordination between us, and we share experience and best practices to develop our capacities for the future.”

To maximize output and enhance discussions, the Allied Land Command Headquarters invited the Allied Command Operations, Joint Force Commands, Allied Air Command, Allied Maritime Command, Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, Joint Warfare Centre and JFTC to participate in the GRF3LWG meeting. This was also the first time when NATO Force Integration Units attended the event.

The participants worked during plenary sessions and also within syndicates. Additionally, they received in-depth information about JFTC’s capabilities and capacities in support of training, its recent experience and plans for the nearest future.

“It was one of our Working Group’s best meetings, also in terms of logistics. Support we received from JFTC was outstanding” – said LTC Röchow at the end of the event.


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