8 • Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 An advisor is a person who gives an opinion or suggestion to an equally experienced person about what or how something could be done but does not make decisions about how the events or activities are executed. The quote by Lawrence of Arabia made over 100 years ago still rings true in today’s advising environment. Advising is a very much a “soft skill” and not everyone is suited to be an effective advisor. It goes without saying that an advisor must be a subject matter expert in the area in which he intends to offer advice. But more importantly, the advisor must take the time to establish rapport and build an effective relationship based on mutual respect and trust with his advisee (including those in his inner circle) before any offered expertise will be accepted by the counterpart. Based on its experience in Security Force Assistance (SFA) and preparing advisors for deployment to the NATO RESOLUTE SUPPORT (RS) mission in Afghanistan, Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) was requested to prepare and deliver training for advisors working in the NATO Kosovo mission. Before providing an overview and discussion of how the Kosovo training was planned MAJ Randle Moon, Canadian Army, JFTC Training Division ■ Advisor Training in Kosovo “Win and keep the confidence of your leader. Strengthen his prestige at your expense before others when you can. Never refuse or quash schemes he may put forward; but ensure they are put forward in the first instance, privately, to you. Always approve them, and after praise modify them sensibly, causing the suggestions to come from him, until they are in accord with your own opinion. When you attain this point, hold him to it, keep a tight grip of his ideas, and push them forward as firmly as possible, but secretly, so no one but [him] (and he not too clearly) is aware of your pressure.” T.E. Lawrence, August 1917 Advisor Training in Kosovo NALT NATO Advisory Liaison Team