6 • Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 component commands deployed to Bydgoszcz in a form of enhanced response cells and more than 20 other headquarters, units and organisations. They all provided their personnel to support JFCBS and JFTC in bringing the exercise to a highest possible level. Exercise Brilliant Joust 2018 was the third “Joust” exercise conducted at JFTC since 2016 for NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure. Such events are extremely challenging, in both preparation and execution phases, due to the unique character of various headquarters and, which is even more important, diversity of training objectives. This time, to meet the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum’s requirements, JFTC used a fictitious scenario which allowed for execution of a non-Article 5 crisis response operation. The scenario, however, is just a basis which needs to be complemented by lists of events and incidents that will be a part of the exercise play (main event list and main incident list - MEL/MIL). Only with properly implemented events “The capability we have to increase our interaction within the joint environment is of paramount importance, continuity is the key and our values allow us to be Stronger Together” General Marchiò, the JFCBS Commander