Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 5 Preparations for the exercise specification conference, conducted in March 2017, launched 12 months of intensive work for JFTC. The centre formed a robust team dedicated to the exercise. Altogether 50% of JFTC staff, close to 70 soldiers and civilians, were involved in various phases of the event. Numerous coordination meetings, conferences and workshops held in many locations in Europe, 60 travel days and thousands of working hours – all these created a solid basis for successful execution of the exercise. As soon as basic presumptions and the level of ambition for the exercise were agreed upon between the main stakeholders – JFCBS (Officer Scheduling Exercise and Officer Conducting Exercise) and JFTC (ODE) in coordination with NRF 2018 component commands - exercise objectives as well as budget, timeline and manning could be discussed. The final exercise design included JFCBS as the primary training audience, represented by Joint Task Force Headquarters deployed to Bydgoszcz and “reach back” team in Brunssum, “Brilliant Joust 2018 is one of the major events for JFC Brunssum this year because it enables our joint interaction with NRF components. As emphasized by SACEUR – our readiness is one of our first priorities, and this exercise will allow us to understand how we can better support each other in the best manner to be ready to execute NRF tasks when the need arises” General Marchiò, the JFCBS Commander