In Retrospect Life at JFTC In Retrospect Life at JFTC VISITS Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 39 Polish 12th Mechanized Division Explores JFTC The delegation of the Polish 12th Mechanized Division, led by its Commander, Major General Rajmund Andrzejczak, visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) on 30 August 2017. They were welcomed and hosted by Brigadier General Ladislav Jung, the JFTC Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff. General Andrzejczak, accompanied by his Deputy, Brigadier General Tomasz Piotrowski, and the Division’s key staff, arrived in Bydgoszcz to explore JFTC training capabilities. Detailed briefings on Centre’s role in NATO training process and presentations of its particular divisions provided the delegation with in-depth information on JFTC’s tasks, activities, structure and most of all, capacities related to training. In vivid discussions with JFTC key officers, continued also during a demonstration of JFTC modelling and simulation tools, the guests received a broad overview of the Centre’s capabilities. During a walk through the JFTC’s compound, representatives of the 12th Mechanized Division also had a chance to see the Centre’s training facility with its modern equipment, tools and systems used in support of training and sophisticated exercises and experiments. This gave them a complete picture of JFTC capacities and paved the way for discussions on possible future cooperation. Georgian Deputy Chief of Defence Visit at JFTC Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava, the Deputy Chief of Staff (DCHOD) of the Georgian Armed Forces visited the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) between 17 and 19 September 2017. He met with Major General Wilhelm Grün, the JFTC Commander, and observed Exercise Trident Joust 17. The visit was another step on the way to the next NATO-Georgia Exercise planned for spring 2019. It also focused on further capability building of the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (NATO-GEO JTEC). In 2016, JFTC assumed the leading role in planning and conducting the NATO-Georgia Exercise. Following the success of the exercise executed in autumn 2016, the centre has also developed a mentoring program for representatives of the newly established JTEC in Krtsanisi. Exercise Trident Joust 17 conducted in Bydgoszcz was a perfect opportunity to deepen discussions related to both coordination of the next NATO-Georgia Exercise and cooperation between JFTC and NATO-Georgia JTEC.