EVENTS In Retrospect Life at JFTC 34 • Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 The original OPLAN, which was adjusted for TRJT17, was written for a Crisis Response Operation outside NATO-territory but within this scenario the forces would deploy to Romania, in order to support a fully functioning NATO member state in deterring foreign aggression. This kind of operation, in combination with the hybrid threat that was played to the maximum extent possible, gave the Training Audience some significant challenges. The considerable involvement of the Senior Mentor, LGEN (ret’d) Van Loon, and the full participation of the JFCNP leadership within the Training Audience, made it possible, however, to achieve the best training benefits for all JFCNP staff involved in the exercise. After 12 days, with constantly increasing hybrid activities, but without the expected enemy invasion actually materialising, the exercise finished. An exercise that, as most participants agreed, offered something different and more present-day focused than the previous exercises. Conclusion TRJT17 has again demonstrated JFTC’s unique capability to plan, create, prepare and conduct exercises that are entirely shaped around the specific training requirements of the Training Audience. In addition, with the development of HISTRIA, JFTC now has a setting available that offers something different to the well-known SKOLKAN and SOROTAN scenarios. 1 Mr. Howard Chaganis of Cadence Consultancy has worked for JFTC as Lead Scenario Developer since 2015. Resolute Support Training Events Between October 2017 and July 2018 the Joint Force Training Centre conducted four iterations of its flagship training – Resolute Support. Altogether, close to 1500 soldiers and civilian experts arrived in Bydgoszcz to participate in those events – half of them to prepare for their mission in Afghanistan, the other half to support training with their experience and to provide the trainees with the highest quality preparation before the deployment. Training events 17-4 (17-26 October 2017) and 18-2 (17-26 April 2018) focused on future members of Resolute Support Headquarters (RS HQ) in Kabul and Train Advise Assist Command (TAAC) West in Herat, as well as advisors assigned to all TAACs (East, North, South, West). During training events 18-1 (23 January-1 February 2018) and 18-3 (17-26 July 2018), future advisors as well as members of RS HQ and the TAAC-North in Mazar-e-Sharif received high-quality training for their mission in Afghanistan. The Resolute Support pre-deployment training is a good combination of theory and practice. During the first part of events of this series, participants have a chance to learn more about key aspects of the mission and their roles, as well as about the operational environment, political, cultural and the social situation in Afghanistan. The last phase of the exercise examines their ability to put the knowledge into practice. Participants of Resolute Support training events are always supported, guided and assisted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - among them, people who have recently returned from Afghanistan and who come to training directly from the theatre. They played a key role also during the last four Resolute Support training events. Additionally, other highly qualified specialists and experts, including representatives of operational commands and leaders of the Resolute Support mission support every iteration of the pre-deployment training. Among flag officers who assisted participants of the last four events, there were General Riccardo Marchió, Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum