Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 21 style pea soup completed the day, so even the youngest participants were satisfied. The NATO Day was also a good opportunity to recognize winners of the 10th NATO Knowledge Competition for primary schools of Bydgoszcz. JFTC has been a patron of the competition since its very beginning, therefore General Jung, together with the Mayor and Mrs. Hanna Rauchfleisch, the Principal of the Primary School No 38, awarded the best participants in front of all NATO Day’s participants. Following a good tradition established last year, JFTC invited the citizens of Bydgoszcz to verify their knowledge about NATO. Games and puzzles available at the JFTC tent attracted hundreds of people who took up the challenge to check what they really knew about the Alliance. Small souvenirs they all received as tokens of appreciation for their efforts and photos taken with JFTC photo wall will certainly keep nice memories of the day alive. ■