Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 19 Executing the “We Are NATO” motto The “We are NATO” slogan is also used within JFTC. On each day of my internship I could count on advice from the whole staff. Whenever I had a question or wanted to acquaint myself with a specific case, I could always ask someone for help. The atmosphere at work could be compared with a family environment, like home. I could truly feel that we were all NATO. During the months of my internship, I realized also that I worked with people, who fulfilled their tasks with passion. They werefullyengagedinthetaskstheyreceived. Improving English skills Another requirement to fulfill while applying for internship in NATO is to be proficient in the English language. However, there is a big difference between everyday English and “NATO English”. Working within international environment I had a unique chance to learn English used within a military organization. The specific language of NATO is full of abbreviations, like DiFac, SACEUR, STRATCOM, MEL/MIL, etc. For an intern with no previous professional experience within an international military environment, it was a big challenge. Recommendation I can honestly recommend the Young Professionals Program to every student interested in working for an international organization, especially in military environment. JFTC YPP offers a unique, professional opportunity within a mixed international military and civilian environment. Each participant of the programme has a big chance to make a considerable development in a three-month period. Taking part in YPP gave me a lot of benefits.Igainedmuchmorethantheabove- mentionedknowledge-experience,practice, soft skills and a net of international contacts. Looking at negative sides of YPP, I can only point out it has been too short -each intern can work for three months maximum. When the time came and my internship was over and I got to know the whole JFTC environment, I only wanted to extend my stay and my time with the people I met at JFTC. Conclusion I wish that the Joint Force Training Center and its Young Professionals Program developed and grew. I hope it will attract new, young and ambitious people, who will have a chance to experience JFTC and its international flavour as I did with the Protocol and Conference Support Office. ■ 1 Programme Objectives, https://www. (access: 07.04.2018).