Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 17 leading position. During the trial, these positions will be filled by the already participating nations, and the quantity as well as the assignment by nations will not be changed. For the trial, only the already existing personnel will be reassessed. The main key facts of the JFTC trial may be summarized as follows: • the optimizati on is affecting current and future tasks; • it is a zero growth and resource neutral trial; • functional changes will be implemented under retention of the already existing three divisions; • existing and additional leadership roles will be maintained. How will the tested structure improve JFTC capabilities? This optimized structure was deliberately designed to expand along with both training and transformation requirements. As already mentioned, the trial structure aligns the restructured Training Division and Plans & Development Division with their ACT counterparts. In a classical NATO structure, TD would have the J3 part, while PDD would fulfill the J5 portion. Now there will also be a clearer separation of responsibilities between these two divisions. The new structure will let JFTC support Warfare Development, contributing to concept development and maintenance of joint doctrine and standards while coordinating integration of experimentation, capability development, and interoperability to improve NATO’s interoperability, capabilities, and operational effectiveness much better than in the past. JFTC Trial Structure and NCS Adaptation The trial is JFTC’s starting point and our basis to go ahead. However, it is not carved in stone. The trial is a chance to test our ideas and concepts and to continuously fit new findings into this structure as they evolve. We will implement our findings and adjust this trial structure wherever necessary, based on further development of the NCS Adaptation. The way ahead JFTC will check whether the structure fits further purpose and whether it is in line with the upcoming tasks related to the ongoing NATO Command Structure (NCS) Adaptation. This process will always be coordinated with ACT and the NATO Defence Manpower Audit Authority (NDMAA), as well as our Senior National Representatives (SNRs) at JFTC and National Liaison Representatives (LNRs) at ACT. After consultations with NDMAA and ACT, JFTC is finalizing its findings and refining the new structure. The Centre will consider using as many findings as possible in its future structure as part of the NATO Command Structure (NCS) Adaptation so that JFTC becomes ACT’s premier location for both innovation and training. ■ Training Support Division Commander DCOM/COS HQ Support Division Training Division OF 5 OF 5 OF 5 Staff Advisory Group DOM Plans & Development Division Commander DCOM/COS HQ Support Division Training Division OF 5 OF 5 OF 5 Staff Advisory Group DOM Short Term Training Planning (18 months), Concept and Capability Development & Analysis Institutional and Event Support PAPMO Administration, Coordination, Daily Business Commander à Zero growth - resource neutral à Aligns functions; increases efficiency à Better alignment with ACT à Maintains existing leadership roles à More flexibility & Expandable à Consolidation of training, planning & execution Current and Trial Structure of JFTC