Transformation Through Training • Issue No: 11 • November 2018 • 15 comrades are there too, but there will be time to talk to them separately, later. Plans to share documents for review are made and dates for VTCs4 are selected in the shrinking “white space” in our calendars…We are all invited to a Supra before we leave… hosted by the Commander of the JTEC… We continue in the same way for the remaining days of our visit at the JTEC. Fewer formal meetings but more gatherings among specialists…we link up with our SNGP Advisor counterparts and commiserate about how to make progress faster…Despite their challenges, rarely have any of us worked with counterparts in other armies that are hosting as many visits, planning and running as many exercises, or deploying to as many foreign courses or theatres of operations around the world concurrently as the Georgian Armed Forces. They do all this knowing the risks. The enemy looms nearby and many have faced the enemy before…some have the scars… both physically and mentally. It colours all they do but none of us dwell on it. We shake hands again as I wonder what I would do if an attack from the north came today… One needs to take preparation for a “Supra” seriously. One needs loose fitting pants and the ability to stomach “cha-cha” for the inevitable toasts. Cha cha…a great name for what is essentially vodka made from grapes. We are reminded constantly that the best chacha is home-made and everyone’s fathermakesthebestchacha! Drinkingchacha takes some careful management as nobody wants to miss the plane back to Poland… The Supra is a great success…the food is excellent…the toasts to friends, family, our countries, fallen comrades and many more are heartfelt but tasteful…Our Georgian comrades are young leaders in a small army and yet they have many fallen comrades…best not to dwell on that tonight! Once again our hosts have been gracious… we have stopped asking if we can help pay…Guests don’t pay! More importantly, the visit has been a success…we have helped our JTEC partners understand what must be done next…and we are willing and available to help them do it. Having the SNGP Team on the ground is a god- send…they really are helping lead defense reform in Georgia…we are only helping with a small but important piece at the JTEC. Best to keep that in mind too… The team is all in the hotel lobby at 0330hrs…time to get in the rickety old minivans again for the trip to the airport…no traffic this time so less chance of a crash… Coffee and a two hour wait at the airport while exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Hoping the plane leaves on time, the Mentors rub sore heads and check the news on ever-present smart phones. The flight seems to take forever before we land in Warsaw and get on the bus…almost home…Can’t wait for our next visit…we think we’re making real progress but only time will tell. Is it Friday already?!? Where did that week go?!? ■ 1 Computer Information Systems 2 Officer of Primary Responsibility 3 Substantial NATO-Georgia Package - set of initiatives endorsed at the September 2014 Wales Summit, aimed at strengthening Georgia’s defence capabilities and developing closer security cooperation and interoperability with NATO Members. 4 Video Teleconference Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, visited the Joint Force Training Centre in September 2017 to discuss coordination of the NATO-Georgia Exercise planned for spring 2019 and cooperation between JFTC and NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre